07 June, 2009

Ever thought about where your food comes from, or what's in it?

If so, you must take an hour or so out of your time and watch this film.  It is well worth it.

The Future of Food

Thanks to blogging friend, Lylah, for first posting this important film.

photos without explanation

I can't stand it.
I have to have a place to post some photos of what's going on over here.
I am also trying to figure out how to use iWeb to post to this blog.  So, I created a blog entry for the beginning of our garden adventures, and intend to post more in a chronological order for you.  However, until I figure out how to upload from iWeb, you're just going to get photos.  So there.

The following will be incorporated later into a blog post with explanations to them.  Here's some taken from today: