18 July, 2009

Why we have no lettuces...

These are known as Cabbage White Caterpillars.  We often enjoy their watching their pretty white mothers fluttering by.  I no longer appreciate them the same way.  What was a budding full pot of lettuces has disappeared completely thanks to these lovely butterflies.  Yes, I'm a bit grumbly about it.  

I sent "A" (our #1 entomologist and overall bug lover) over to the pot when I discovered the largest specimen this morning - thinking he was the only culprit.  Of course, "A" was careful to do a much more thorough inspection than I.  I'm delighted to hear that the chickens enjoyed this snack.

1 comment:

  1. glad the chickens enjoyed them at least...speaking of...where's the chicken post? I want to see your varieties. :)