10 May, 2010

Menu Plan II

For fun, I'll post what I just finished coming up with.

I have a very busy schedule over the next 2 weeks, and really need to eliminate as many distractions and stresses as possible. I find it extremely difficult to sit down and write out a menu plan. EXTREMELY difficult. But I did it anyway. (Aren't you proud of me?)

My kids are assigned certain days of the week to assist in dinner-making. They are assigned by the day of the week they were born, as none of them share a day (except the baby, who isn't helping yet.) Therefore, some of the items on particular days were selected based upon their preferences or abilities. I put the initials of the kids on the menu for those of you who are curious to know who is doing what. Some days' items were selected based upon ease and amount of time I will be unavailable. Mondays and Thursdays I don't have any guaranteed assigned help. (Though my 3-yo girl often helps because she loves to be my helper.)

I don't really have the time to indulge you as to the fill-ins on the menu (salads, sides, etc.). Nor do I have time to link you to the recipes. However, if you see something you really must get the recipe for, let me know and I'll provide it.

Monday 10th (today) - Mini Pepper Quiches
Tuesday 11th - (P) Tortilla Chile & Lime Soup
Wednesday 12th - (A) Nacho Spuds
Thursday 13th - Salmon Patties
Friday 14th - (E) Crockpot Chicken & Rice
Saturday 15th - (S) Mexican Bean Pie
Sunday 16th - (S) Tuna Rice Casserole
Monday 17th - Baked Potato Soup
Tuesday 18th - (P) Spaghetti
Wednesday 19th - (A) (crockpot) Chalupa
Thursday 20th - Potato Sausage Casserole
Friday 21st - (E) Burritos (hopefully using leftover chalupa)

Yes, I am aware this isn't a full two weeks worth of recipes. However, it does cover my busiest times of this month. I can breathe after the 21st. Ideally, I'll have a brain then as well.

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